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The SEC’s 2017 Enforcement Priorities And Results

No more broken windows!  In a series of speeches by various top brass at the SEC followed by the publication of the SEC Enforcement Division 2017 Report on results and priorities, the SEC has confirmed both directly and through its actions that the era of “broken windows” enforcement is over. The broken windows policy was Read the full article…

The SEC Has Proposed The Use Of Universal Proxy Cards

February 28, 2017 in Proxy Statement, SEC, SEC Proxy Rules

The SEC has seen a huge exodus of key officials and employees since the recent change in administration, and the ultimate effect of these changes on pending or proposed rule making remains to be seen. However, some proposed rules, whether published or still in drafting process, will remain largely unaffected by the political changes. This Read the full article…

SEC Guidance On Proxy Presentation Of Certain Matters In The Merger And Acquisition Context

Shareholder Proposals And Procedural Requirements

Completing A Name Change Without Shareholder Approval

Elements Constituting “Solicitation” Such that a 14A Proxy Solicitation is Required Instead of a 14C Information Statement Under the Section 14 Proxy Rules of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Corporate compliance, federal securities regulations and SEC reporting requirements are highly technical and always changing. Accordingly, small publicly traded companies require the assistance of an experienced securities attorney or securities law firm.