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Since 2009 has served as the singular go-to resource for anyone in the OTC and small-cap marketplace. Blog topics cover virtually every aspect of securities law as well as the latest news and developments that affect investment bankers, securities attorneys, market makers, transfer agents, PCAOB auditors, CEO’s of privately-held and public companies, and virtually everyone in the OTC and small-cap marketplace. is authored by securities attorney Laura Anthony, founder of Anthony L.G., PLLC, a national corporate, securities and business transaction law firm. Ms. Anthony is regularly featured in industry publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Morningstar, The PIPEs Report, The Deal Flow Report, and is a contributing blogger to the Huffington Post. Her whitepapers are regularly referenced by financial journalists and numerous publications as well.

Blog topics include, but are not limited to; 15c2-11 Applications, Accredited Investors, Blue Sky Laws, Broker Dealer Registration Requirements, Public Offerings, Corporate Law, Depository Trust Company (DTC), Direct Public Offerings (DPO), DTC Eligibility, DTC Global Locks, FINRA Compliance, Form 10 Registration Statements, S-1 Registration Statements, Hostile Takeovers, Mergers And Acquisitions, NASDAQ Listing Requirements, OTC Listing Requirements, PCAOB Auditing, Private Placements, Reverse Mergers, Rule 144 Opinion Letters, and many others.