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SEC Chair Mary Jo White Speaks on Equity Market Structure

Say-On-Pay for Smaller Reporting Companies

SEC Issues New Guidance on Use of Twitter and Other Social Media Communications

OTCQX Listing and Quotation Eligibility and Requirements for U.S. Companies

The NASDAQ Private Market

OTC Market Groups Has Modified Its Alternative Reporting Standard Effective January 3, 2013

The OTCBB – Nearly Extinct, OTCQB is the Micro-Cap Reporting Standard

For the past two years it had appeared that the OTCBB had been replaced by the OTC Link run OTCQB and the OTCQX. For all intents and purposes since the fall of 2010, the industry-wide proliferation of the OTCQB and OTCQX has marginalized the OTCBB to the brink of extinction. It is has now become incredibly apparent that the OTCQB is the new micro-cap reporting standard.

Native American Energy Granted Full Eligibility for DTC Services After Four-Year Appeal

Native American Energy Group (NAGP), an oil and gas exploration company has been granted full eligibility for clearing and settlement services through the Depository Trust Co., in the latest in a series of victories by microcap companies involving the DTC. According to several sources, the effort was a four-year battle for Native American Energy that cost the company $175,000 in legal fees, left it $2 million in debt and caused it to lose more than 30 funding opportunities.

Private Capital Marketplace – A First Look

As I discussed in a recent blog, the attraction of the small cap and reverse merger market has diminished greatly in the past two years. The Over the Counter market has become an expensive place to conduct business; the antithesis of the very reason small companies sought to list there to begin with. Accessing capital markets for microcap companies is not as simple as it once was.

Why Rule 419 Companies May Revitalize the Small-Cap Market

Are Rule 419 Companies poised to be the next big thing in the small-cap sector?

Recently, the small-cap and reverse merger market has diminished substantially. Operating businesses are wary of completing reverse mergers, and PIPE investors are harder to come by. The reasons for this are easily identifiable.

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