Form S 3 And Baby Shelf Rule

Form S-3 And Baby Shelf Rule- The SEC has issued FAQ on Covid-19 issues, including the impact on S-3 shelf registration statements. The SEC issued 4 questions and answers consisting of one question related to disclosure and three questions related to S-3 shelf registrations. SEC FAQ Disclosure Confirming prior guidance, the SEC FAQ sets forth the required disclosures in the Form 8-K or 6-K filed by a company to take advantage of a Covid-19 extension for the filing of periodic reports. In particular, in the Form 8-K or Form 6-K, the company must disclose (i) that it is relying on the COVID-19 Order (for more information on the Order, see HERE); (ii) a brief description of the reasons why the company could not file the subject report, schedule or form on a timely basis; (iii) the estimated date by which the report, schedule or form is expected to be filed; and (iv) a company-specific risk factor or factors explaining the impact, if material, of COVID-19 on the company’s business. Also, if the reason the report cannot be filed timely relates to the inability of any person, other than the company, to furnish any required opinion, report or certification, the company must also attach, as an exhibit to the Form 8-K or Form 6-K, a statement signed by such person stating the specific reasons why the person is unable to furnish the required opinion, report or certification. The Form 8-K or 6-K must be filed with the SEC on or before the original due date of such report…

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