The SPAC IPO Process

The SPAC IPO Process- The SPAC IPO process is the same as any other IPO process. That is, the SPAC files a registration statement on Form S-1 that is subject to a comment, review, and amend process until the SEC clears comments and declares the registration statement effective. Concurrent with the S-1 process, the SPAC will either have applied for a listing on a national exchange or, following the closing of the offering, will work with a market maker who will file a Form 211 application with FINRA to receive a trading symbol to trade on the OTCQX. The OTCQX is the only tier of OTC Markets that allows for SPAC trading. Also, although both NASDAQ and the NYSE have proposed SPAC eligibility rule changes over the years, as of now, they remain the same as for any other company seeking a listing as part of an IPO…

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