NASDAQ Listing Requirements and Disclosures

NASDAQ Listing Requirements and Disclosures- NASDAQ has several listing applications depending on the circumstances of the listing sought. There are twelve different listing applications varying from an application where there has been a change of control, to switching from another exchange or other U.S. market such as the OTC Markets, to spin-offs and of course an IPO. Each listing application is approximately 7 pages in length and requests detailed basic information about the company such as address, contact and billing information, securities attorney and auditor information, transfer agent and officers and directors and information on the specific securities being listed including type, par value and cusip number.

A NASDAQ application also requires disclosure and back up documents of inquiries, investigations, lawsuits, litigation, arbitrations, hearings and other legal and administrative proceedings involving the company, its officers or directors or ten percent (10%) or greater shareholders. Related to the company, the application requires disclosure of any proceedings in the prior 10 years (i) that were initiated by any regulatory civil or criminal agency; (ii) which are material to the company and were asserted under state or federal securities, banking, insurance, tax or bankruptcy laws; or (iii) which are material to the company and allege fraud, deceit or misrepresentation…

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