OTCQX Advisor and PAL

Posted by on August 30, 2016

All U.S. companies that are quoted on the OTCQX must have either an attorney or an Investment Bank OTCQX Advisor. A company may appoint a new OTCQX Advisor at any time, provided that the company retains an approved OTCQX Advisor at all times.

All International companies that are quoted on the OTCQX must have either an Attorney Principal American Liaison (“PAL”) or an Investment Bank PAL – provided, however, that if the company’s OTCQX traded security is an ADR, the international company may have an ADR PAL. All PAL’s must be approved by OTC Markets Group. A company may appoint a new PAL at any time provided they maintain a PAL at all times.

All OTCQX Advisors and PALs must be approved by OTCQX after submitting an application. Eligibility to act as an OTCQX Advisor or PAL is limited to experienced and qualified securities attorneys or qualified FINRA member investment banking firms. I am an approved OTCQX Advisor and PAL.

The primary roles of an OTCQX Advisor and PAL include (i) to provide advice and guidance to a company in meeting its OTCQX obligations; (ii) to provide professional guidance to the issuer on creating investor demand as they build long-term relationships with management; (iii) to assist companies in discerning the information that is material to the market and should be disclosed to investors; and (iv) to provide a professional review of the company’s disclosure. The OTCQX puts a great deal of onus on the OTCQX Advisor/PAL to be responsible for the company which it sponsors, emphasizing the negative impact on the OTCQX Advisor’s reputation for sponsoring companies that are not of acceptable quality. In addition to providing advice and counsel to a company, an OTCQX Advisor/PAL is required to conduct investigations to confirm disclosures. An OTCQX Advisor/PAL must submit a Letter of Introduction and subsequent annual letters confirming their duties and the attesting to the disclosures made by the company.